Is it true you can really have the soulmate you crave for?  Is love for you?  How can you build belief?

There are a number of issues to deal with this thinking.

1)      Seeing is believing – look at others

2)      Being real and seeing where you are at now and where you want to be.

3)      Learn as much as you can about being in a relationship

4)      Choose to take control and work on your mind every day – be beautiful, be happy!

This month on My Dating Etiquette, these topics will be covered in more detail.

Being in a relationship is an emotional rollercoaster for most of us mere mortals.  The desire to love and be loved is at the heart of every man and woman.  So part of the solution to meeting that desire is to meet it on an emotional level.  Love is the emotion here so anything that attracts love into your life is desirable.

Love is not lust or artificial love such as that manufactured by illegal drugs like Ecstacy.  That will in fact lead to the opposite.  Cheap imitations have the appearance of meeting the need in the immediate short term, whilst leaving the regrets “Did I really do that?” or “OMG, I didn’t… did I?”

To read more on ‘What is Love?’

Ways to do this are to feel love

1              Read or watch Great Stories

We all love a good story.  The biggest blockbusters in film always have a romantic plot intertwined such as Titanic or Braveheart.

2              Read romance novels.

3              Power of Testimonials

Real life stories have even more power.   Read testimonials from dating sites who have people who met and married as a result of the site. A close friend who had been single for most of her life until she decided to get real about her situation and take action in her mid thirties, she met the man of her dreams on and now they have a beautiful little boy.

4              Create your own vision board

5              Listen to love songs – not to feel lost and rejected as many do but knowing that you are at the first step of your plan to take responsibility to change your life and attract the love you want.  I highly recommend worship songs.  We are made for worship, ie to worship our creator God.

6              To attract love why not help others find true love?

“If you help enough others get what they want you can have what you want.”

Zig Ziglar

The secret of attraction really is the law of attraction.

Your thoughts?