Dating has changed so much over the last one to two hundred years. From old fashioned courtship to the female dominatrix, from ladies to ladettes!! Where do we stand now??

In modern society, there is so much gender confusion. What is our role? What are the expectations? So with this in mind, the month of June will be looking at Dating Etiquette covering such topics as defining the roles (or lack of them), looking at traditional roles of men and women and even suggestions for a possible way forward.

With the invention of the contraceptive pill and other forms of birth control, women who had been dominated in many instances with little control over their lives, have swung through women’s liberation to the extreme opposite in many ways. Now the woman may be the main bread winner, mate of the man (in traditional male pursuits such as sport, drinking, and hanging out), and in the house without men, she has become the man of the house through sheer necessity. So it is no wonder that men nowadays are more confused than ever.

Then there is the increase in addictive and antisocial behaviours so the world is drastically different from generation to generation.

So what are the rules these days?

Questions for both men and women have become:

Should I ask for his/her number?
Should I give him/her my number?
When should I call?
What should I say?
Should I text or telephone?

Then at the date…
What to do?
What time of the day – day or night?
Activity – dinner, movies, coffee, drinks?
Who should pay?
What are the expectations along with who pays?

Were things always this difficult?
What was it like in your parent’s day? … in your grandparent’s day?

Then there are the cross-cultural issues, inter-racial or religion versus atheist mixes…..

The issue of gender equality versus complementing each other (and celebrating the differences) so together synergistically becoming stronger.

Where do you stand? What are your thoughts?