This month has been on the Guy Magnet: Attracting Love.  We have looked at:

Step 1 How are you feeling?;

Step 2 Become Confident;

Step 3 Become Successful and Live Your Life; and

Step 4 Have a Clear Vision and Take Action Daily.

So we went from awareness of where we are now, especially recognizing emotions and clearing blockages, to identifying beliefs and where they came from, to beginning afresh.  Once the vision has been detailed, you have a destination, so you can then work on the journey.

The journey is partly about having a goals program and disciplining yourself to get to that goal using daily steps.  Living a life of purpose is the goal for most people at some time in their life.  The happiest people I know are those living for a reason beyond themselves.

For most of us we have others in our lives to consider, this could be a partner, children, parents, close friends, or boss.  In some cases we may have either become the dependent or co-dependent in a relationship.  Co-dependency is where someone else’s problem influences your life to the extent that your decisions are made with constant consideration of that person and the situation.  When we choose to accept responsibility for every area of our lives, we can also choose to change ourselves to really live and by doing that, the indirect result is blessing the dependent person by not allowing their behavior to control your actions anymore.

By choosing to become confident, successful and live your life, you can begin to walk in the blessings life has to offer.  With your refreshed mindset, as a result of reflection, decision and disciplined action, you are able to see the fruits of your thoughts, actions and new habits.  The increased energy allows you more emotional and mental energy to allow more creativity.  If you have also prioritized finances you may also have been studying new ways of thinking about money and creating money, so now thoughts just pop into your head and do create money when applied.

Life is getting really good now!!  No longer are you reliant on external stimulus to feel better (either escaping with too much wine or watching too many movies, or allowing your self-worth to be connected to fixing someone else – who by the way probably doesn’t want to be fixed and definitely not by you!!).

To be a guy magnet and attract genuine love, you need to work out who you are, what you stand for and begin acting with integrity, honouring and respecting yourself, and following through, even on little promises to yourself, which in turns builds self-belief.  By having a clear vision and standing firm, you will attract others with similar values and vision of the future.

If you stop and think about it, when you feel good – you feel light.  If you are prone to putting on weight the weight will start to fall off as you feel lighter.  Of course, this also helps if it is part of your goals program and you change your habits to eating healthier, exercising more, and put good things into your mind to stay positive and focused.

Be grateful.  Perhaps use Bob Proctor’s affirmations of creating your vision “I am so happy and grateful now that….”

Then as with the first few steps, you have chosen to deal with your emotions and healed and sealed them, and chosen to be open emotionally to a new relationship.  Like bees to honey!!  You will feel beautiful, loved, sexy, and open to meeting the man of your dreams.

Do you know of someone who has followed a similar regime and found the man who she dreamed of???  Real life stories inspire us all.  Share with us and let’s start a conversation.