When you become aware of problems and issues in your life, you can then choose to isolate the emotions, and learn to control them.  Some techniques for healing were mentioned in the last post in this series, Guy Magnet.

Learning is an important part of living.  It is highly recommended to study each day.  In fact most of the successful people in the world recommend to study one hour.  Many Christian leaders agree that a basic fifteen minutes a day of reading the Bible, after praying for revelation in the reading, followed by application of the Word, will radically change your life.

What does it mean to become successful?  What is success? According to world-renowned author and speaker, Zig Ziglar, there are eight main areas to success based on what we all want to be or have:

1. Happy
2. Healthy
3. Reasonably Prosperous
4. Financially Secure
5. Friends
6. Peace of mind
7. Good family relationships
8. Hope

This list sounds simple and yet proves so elusive for most people in most areas of their lives.  Think of people you admire – give them a tick or cross for each, if you think they are successful.  Often the people most others see as successful – due to money, fame or achievement, are the least successful if you weigh this with the other areas in their lives.  Perhaps using this measure, you are already quite successful, I hope so.

So if you are not happy or healthy and worry constantly, have sleepless nights, it most definitely sounds like you need change in your life, that is if you truly desire to become successful and truly live your life.

According to Jonathan Quail, there are ten steps to overcoming fear:

1                     Acknowledge the problem

2                     Be aware that you are not the problem – step outside the problem and observe it

3                     Understand it is all an illusion – we really are spiritual beings having a human experience.

4                     Understand it is your illusion, that we each create our own reality

5                     Have compassion – for yourself and others

6                     Feel the emotion/face your fear

7                     Surrender and let it go

8                     Appreciate that the experience as it was perfect for your journey

9                     Be grateful for it

10                 Seal it and move on

“I forgive and I am forgiven.  All is forgiven and released.”

The more I study, the more I conclude that people who get caught up in the differences in paradigms or religions are all looking at the same thing, from different perspectives.  For example, nearly everyone on the planet agrees that there is a God, the source, Divine Architect, whatever you choose to call the great ‘I am’.

Another way to begin to really Live Your Life, is to take responsibility for it.  Joyce Meyer, in her series on Freedom from Co-Dependency, describes various types of dependencies (also known as addictions),which could be anything from substance abuse, perfectionism, controlling and manipulating, people pleasing, or illness.  For further information on addiction, go here. Co-dependency is when we allow another person’s problem to control our own behavior and decisions.  When we realize that we are, or have been either the dependent or the co-dependent, we can choose to acknowledge it, heal it and really live life.

What experiences have you had with co-dependency?

Are you ready to live your life?