This month’s topic is looking at the Cost of Dating.  Costs can be measured in varying ways.  A trend over a few dating sites in April was looking at the actual cost in monetary terms.

Financial Cost

In general examples were given from women on the day of the date, where costs may include getting your hair done, nails, new dress or even new shoes and bag to match the dress.  Some examples from men took the matter further, with one site even going so far as to look at your most expensive date –which did get very interesting . From memory, the top cost of a date was somewhere in the vicinity of USD57,000 which included university fees and interstate travel!

However at Smart Lady Dating, we intelligent women know that cost must also be considered holistically, so the real cost includes emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical.  So over the month of May some deeper issues will be raised AND looking beyond to the power of positive thinkingHow can we turn those costs into investments?

Emotional Cost

Firstly, think from the woman’s point of view.  Have you, or have you known someone, who has cried over their ex-boyfriend for a year or two?  “I have,” goes the thundering chorus around the world.  I really hope this month generates many comments as personal testimonies are so powerful, especially how people have been able to move from miserable sap to gorgeous diva!

Spiritual Cost

This may not have affected all, however in general, “Have you, or have you known anyone else who has compromised your (her)  own beliefs and values for a man?” “I have.” Once again a resounding yes.  If you have a strong faith which could be as a Christian, Jew, Mulsim or any other religion, this could mean that you have fallen in love with someone from outside your faith, or alternatively someone who was not genuinely walking in those beliefs at that time.

Physical Cost

This could be in time and energy, running around after your ex, or could even be starving yourself as he didn’t want you to put on any weight, or even he kept feeding you so you looked like him, or so that other men wouldn’t look at you.  “Have you, or have you known anyone who has eaten, not eaten, to please your man? “ “Yes.”  Well then I am so glad that this month is on this topic!

Looking from the real cost of dating to beyond positive thinking.

Where to from here?  Well it is all about mindset.  Time to look at those costs which were in fact lessons we needed to learn, or we wouldn’t have learned them, and make those lessons count.  It is time for maturity in these areas.

I really hope that you come along this month and join the journey.

What has been your experience of the real cost of dating?