In today’s modern world, women are seen as ‘tough’. That one word seems to sum up where we have come to. We have had to ‘toughen up’ or as the saying goes ‘toughen up princess’.

We know why this has happened. Men have let us down. So we have had to become the breadwinner, the single parent, the one dealing with the tradesmen for repairs. Many would also argue that we (women) have also let the men down. They need us to believe in them, to trust them… especially when they do stupid things!!! [This is not excusing bad behavior just be real, we are all only human and all humans fail at times.]

So what was the traditional role?

We were princesses!!! Yippee!!
Heart in Hand image of a beautiful young lady

How do I know that? Think of the little girls around you – what are their favourite books, movies, games about? Being the beauty, having the adventure and being pursued by the handsome prince (who has to fight a battle to win her). She knows her value and is not easy to be tamed. If you do not agree, think of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Pocohontas, Shrek, and adult blockbusters such as Mel Gibson in Braveheart and Eric Banner in Troy (now they were real men, fighting for their country and their women).

As little girls we intuitively know that we want to be beautiful, we want to be loved. We also want to be brave and really live life in abundance, enjoying every moment.

We also soon become aware that something is wrong and what we dream of rarely happens. The people around us fail to protect us whether it be bullying at school, dealing with jealous friends or family members… or even more sinister situations such as abuse or rape, in or out of supposed ‘safe’ situations. For many of us we learn that to be beautiful, can also be dangerous, so we learn to hide it. We learn that to be brave means that others may not like it and try and make us ‘pull our heads back in’. We learn that not everyone loves us and that some have a way of showing their love that feels wrong.

So this month, we will be looking at how to turn this around and offer solutions for a way forward. It is time for us to gain back our beauty, our self-value, and our adventure.

Stay tuned for the next post on the traditional role of men.

In the meantime, what are your thoughts?