So what was the traditional role of men?

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Throughout February and March, we are looking at Dating Etiquette.  We know that dating can be very challenging for some to say the least.  The expectations over recent decades has changed the face of dating so much so that these days it seems men have become more like women and women are more like men…

A real man was someone who brought home the bacon and protected the little woman at home!!  Or as Allan & Barbara Pease of ‘Why men don’t listen & Women can’t read road maps’ say:

“His job description was straightforward:  he was a lunch-chaser – and that’s all anyone expected of him.

The woman, however, felt valued because her man would put his life on the line to care for his family.  His success as a man was measured by this ability to make a kill and bring it home, and his self-worth was measured by her appreciation for his struggle and effort.  The family depended on him to carry out his job specifications as a lunch –chaser and protector – and nothing else.  There was never any need for him to ‘analyse the relationship’ and he wasn’t expected to put out the garbage or help change the nappies.”

There are so many basic differences between men and women even just from a biological perspective such as:

seeing – women have a wider field of vision, whereas men can see better with a narrower and longer field of vision;

activities: women can easily multi-skill while men are much better focusing on one task at a time; and communication:  women are indirect while men are direct.

Men’s hearts are wild as John Eldridge of ‘Wild At Heart’ explains, “Science and experience tell us to look at the core desires of a man’s heart vs a woman’s heart. A man desires a great battle to fight with his warrior within. That energy is not universal to women, but it is to men. …Look at films …: men love Braveheart, Gladiator, and Lord of the Rings. Men tend to like the Aragon figure…”


Consider this …. Why not let men be men?

To find out how we can move forward… check out the part 4 next week.

Your thoughts?