The next installment around Dating Mindset is considering your personality.  So far we have been looking at the dating secrets such as dating mindset and emotional intelligence.  Related to these topics is that of our personality and how it affects us and our relationships.

Are you born like this, ie with your personality?  Did you become like this?  Yes, the old nature versus nurture debate.

Most importantly here, what if you don’t like your personality?  Is there anything you can do or are you just stuck with it!

There are many personality profiles from the more popular Myer Briggs personality test, also known as myers personality test or even just briggs personality test, to Personality Plus’s Popular Sanguine, Perfect Melancholy, Peaceful Phlegmatic and Powerful Choleric, to other such as Type A personality to Paul and Mary Balckburne’s North, South, East and West types.

It does not matter which personality research you do.  If you have never done one, why not try a free online personality test?

Why should you work out what your personality type is?

By understanding yourself better, you are better able to understand others.  No matter how independent we try to be, there comes a moment in life when it is time to grow up and realize that if our lives are not going where we want them to go, the common denominator is ourselves.  We can choose to improve our life when we choose.  Seeking knowledge then applying that knowledge is called wisdom!

All personality profiles suggest that we are a mix of types, however we usually are dominant in one of the types.

So how about if your natural tendency is pessimistic.  Well it does not matter if you were born that way or became that way through a series of disappointments.  Often our personality may be more extroverted however due to events in our early childhood we were told to ‘pull our head in’, ie not to stand out or risk looking stupid, so we did.  Alternatively the natural tendency may have been more introverted however you may be the only child of a single parent so became extraverted to help cheer your parent up.

The good news is that by working out where you started and even how you became, also known as your mask, you can begin to work out where you want to be.

Another important note here is that all personality types are valid.  We are different and can easily complement each other, especially in an intimate relationship. Dating for marriage has many facets and hopefully as you learn more, you realize that for a marriage to last it does require work and can be the most rewarding aspect of your life.

To love and be loved… now that has to be the single most important human desire in life J

Once you understand not only the differences between men and women, but also your personality types, and learn to control your emotions by developing your EQ emotional intelligence, you can begin to create more harmonious and effective communication.

What personality type are you?  Leave a message here so others can join the conversation.