Find True Love

What to do if you have a crush?  To enjoy or not to enjoy?

In the last post we read about ‘What is true love? And ‘What does it look like?’

Well before we get to true love – we first are attracted to the person.

So if you develop a crush on someone, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

Is he single and available?  If no, walk away.

Is the man is married or otherwise inappropriate – your dad’s or son’s best friend or your priest or gay?

Life throws us curveballs.  These experiences reveal character and also chisel away at it and refine it (or smash it L)

Tips to get over an unwanted infatuation

1                     Acknowledge it

2                     Choose to get over it

3                     Reduce or if possible stop contact, at least until it passes

4                     If you are forced into close proximity

a.       there is safety in numbers

b.      exercise self-control – especially don’t get drunk or otherwise weaken your resolve

c.       keep the conversation neutral

d.      leave as soon as possible

e.      if all this fails and the infatuation is still intense – pray (this will actually help right from the start :) )

5                     Be unavailable if the man pursues you.  Sometimes this may initially make them want you more, over time they will get the message and move on

Remember sometimes just the rush of having a crush is a temptation, even if it is inappropriate but beware of playing with fire – you will get burned.

Instead spend time doing things with family and close girlfriends.

If however he is single then…

Is he available?  No, I don’t mean is he gay?  Is he available?  That may sound strange but how often do you meet men and they are emotionally unavailable?  Is he open to a relationship?  Or is he a commitment phobe?

How to tell if a guy is into you?

The best way is to observe men you know well and watch how they behave around someone they like or are interested enough to find out if they might like them.

1)       They create opportunities to be around – they loiter or chat (but beware here, make sure they are not interested in your work colleague who sits near you or your best friend or sister!)

2)      They watch you when you are not looking.

3)      If you are out with a group and he is taking photos and you notice he takes more photos of you.

4)      They contact you often – which in today’s techno world could be face-to-face or telephone, or email, sms, Skype, msn… FB (Facebook)…

They most likely will first need to ‘check you out’ to see if they might be interested.  Imagine you see a beautiful rose.  You are walking along.  You noticed it out of the corner of your eye, you go back to have a closer look.  Maybe you go and smell the perfume.  But then you move away and yet inside you are already deciding if the next time you are walking near here you will come and look again at this gem of creation.  You are the rose.  The man sees you.  Let him get close enough to see if he is interested but then keep walking – if he is interested – he will be around again!

Well I trust that even if you already know much of the above, that it serves as a reminder on our path to finding true love.

Stay tuned for the next post on the secret to maintaining a man’s interest.

In the meantime know that the right man is there for you, in the right time – when you are ready and you believe.

Do you see yourself as a beautiful flower?

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