To have the life you want, there is a trick that is so subtle that some people miss it – you need to know what you want.  Interestingly enough when we are young, we can imagine anything is possible.  However as we get older, most of us become socialized to believe we should expect less.  Part of my purpose in doing this site (and others) is to encourage people to expect more.  I for one, choose life in abundance.

How to have an abundant life?

First the vision:  What do you want?

One super simple strategy you can do in about 20 minutes is to picture the best you at a certain time in the future.  It could be in ten or twenty years time, or at 40 or 50 years old, you choose.

Describe what your life looks like in terms of (in no particular order):

Ø  appearance, health, energy,

Ø  relationship – eg you are now a loving, affectionate, supportive, fun marriage

Ø  family – number of children

Ø  activities – family, friends, leisure, alone, sports

Ø  career/vocation

Ø  possessions – house, car, boat,

Ø  how you feel – content, joyous, peaceful, full of hope, surrounded by love

Ø  spiritual – do you have a concept of God that supports you?  If not study him and find out who he is for yourself.

Ø  Money – do you have enough money to take holidays when you want? Where would you go?

The more detail you can have in your vision, the better.  There are so many strategies to create your own.  One method is to have a dream box where you can cut out magazine pictures or articles or have items, eg a Matchbox version of your dream car, or you can do this on your computer by collecting videos of the places you want to go or better yet create your own vision board in movie format.

Get yourself a life coach and develop your own vision mission statement.  Mine is “I choose to live a life of abundance.  By helping others to get what they want, I get what I want – a successful life – full of love, peace, joy and hope, healthy, and financially free.”

Then you need to develop daily habits to move toward your vision.  This requires you to develop a goals program.  As the inspirational Zig Ziglar tells us we need to first prioritise, then choose the top few goals and sort them into short, medium and long term.

Eg you might choose your top three goals

1.       Have more energy

2.       Create a passive income

3.       Attract true love

So your daily habits may include

6am       wake up and spend time meditating, praying or in gratitude, while doing yoga breathing

6.20am drink daily cleansing drink of water with lemon juice and cayenne pepper

6.25am watch your own mind movie

5.15pm read the next chapter of Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

5.45pm go for a half hour walk while listening to the latest audio on removing your emotional blockages

The more detail you can have, the more real the vision is to you and creates an emotional connection with you.  In your relationship, a great idea is to write down your expectations and responsibilities.  When we are aware of our own expectations, we can choose to change them or hold fast to them if they are deal breakers, again our choice!!

Choose life today and ACT NOW!

If you have experience with any of these techniques or have some of your own, comment below and let’s start a chat.