There are superficial ways to become a man magnet, such as smiling, making eye contact, looking away, making eye contact, looking away, smiling more, maybe touching your hair, licking your lips… and these can intuitively invite the man to come and say hello.  Then there are deeper more genuine techniques that lead to life changing events, such as finding your true love.

How are you feeling?  What are your emotions?  Do you allow yourself to feel them?  I remember the first time I started reading Emotional Intelligence, sadly I wasn’t even on the scale.  Shock results can be an agent for change.  (okay I was then concentrating on my career and half expected a lower result, but so bad L was a shock) Do you check in with your feelings daily?  Do you channel your feelings such as turning anger into motivation to swim laps or pump iron at the gym?

Who or what can help you learn about your emotions?  There are many books, courses, and coaches.  They all agree on a few things, you need to feel the emotion.  This may be as simple as thinking about your biggest fear such as heights.  Where do you feel it in your body?  The strategies to feel it and remove it vary, however a common denominator is that the presence of your fear resides somewhere in your body.  For example, your fear of intimacy and rejection may reside in your stomach, or your fear of change and life may live in your knee.  I was at a Cashflow Conference last weekend where someone was cured of his lifelong terror of public speaking in eight minutes.  Once you have identified that fear and know where it lives in your body, it needs to come out.  Again the techniques vary.  International healer, Dominique Bourlet calls his method ‘Hello BOP’ [insert link].  Another strategy is to process body scans.  If you would like further information, please contact me.

There also needs to be some pruning.  Literally cut off ties with old flames.  If you have had sexual partners, you definitely need to cut off and release any metaphysical ties.  Again there are various techniques to do this.  Old emotions will surface and sometimes you may feel like holding onto one special ex for some reason – don’t.  If you feel guilty, want to repent or be cleansed, talk to God and ask for his help.

The next step is to go back to little girl you.  Love your inner child.  There are so many visualization strategies on this one.  Just yesterday I did a wonderful one from the Blockage Buster course, as part of my own coaching that I receive.  How can anyone give advice or coach others, if they themselves are not accountable and have no mentor or coach themselves?

This step is all about being real.  When you can begin to love yourself in a genuine way, you can begin attracting genuine love.

What have been your experiences in dealing with emotions?  How are you feeling today?