As part of my commitment to providing my best to you guys, I have been seeking feedback on my second book, ‘Cost of Dating: The Real Cost and How To Turn Those Costs into Investments‘.

Copy of book cover Cost of Dating

So far testimonials have been…

“I really enjoyed it.  I now understand more about my own role in the breakdown of my marriage.  I just want even more inspirational stories.”

“I love it.  I had never thought about the different costs before, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  I would like even more strategies for me not do the same mistakes again.”

“You write really well.  I felt like we were chatting over coffee.  I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“I really liked it but there is not much of God in this one.  I want to know that it is possible for me to find love too.”

“Can I show it to … I want it to be translated into Indonesian as it is such an important message.”

“Is it just for Christians or can anyone read it?  I think the teachings need to be shared with everyone.”

Testimonials from various men and women, Western and Asian, from the last month of feedback, from around the world, face to face in Perth, Australia, and Bali, Indonesia, plus online.

The initial benefits included:

Ø  strategies how to change your thinking;

Ø  how to express your emotions in a healthy way;

Ø  hear stories and advice from the experience of others;

Ø  where to gain further information;

Ø  change your dating expectations to set yourself up for success; and

Ø  steps on how to succeed in your future relationship.

Additions, amongst many more:

7 Secrets to Love


… a new theme that has been intertwined is that of restoration.  All relationships, especially marriages are hard work.  Restoration of broken relationships are possible.  If you want to save your marriage, read this book!

Sneak peak of original introduction via youtube.