Regular readers will understand that the Cost of Dating includes financial, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical costs.  However how we choose to view our past experiences and even today’s experience depends on our mindset. Costs can really become investments.

In reflecting on the feedback from readers of the original edition of my ebook Cost of Dating, I realised that people take these costs as baggage with themselves into their next relationship.  Some are really scared that this worry, resentment and unforgiveness will follow them into their next relationship.  Others said they felt so stuck within their existing relationship and they wanted to learn how to change from within it, to save their marriage.  Yet others were pining over lost loves and are praying for resurrection of that love with God’s timing and want to prepare to be ready!

I am happy to declare that I believe the new 2nd edition, ‘Cost of Dating: The Real Cost and How to Turn Those Costs into Investments’, not only addresses these issues but that sufficient strategies and also real stories included to inspire you to hope and believe in love.

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Cost of Dating: The Real Cost and How To Turn Those Costs into Investments.

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Learn strategies to change your dating mindset for success; be inspired by hearing stories on emotional, physical, financial or spiritual costs of dating and relationships have been turned into investments in the future;  increase your EQ Emotional Intelligence; upgrade your dating expectations to lead to fulfilling encounters and even new friendships; save your marriage or get your ex back; and discover the 7 Secrets to Love.

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